Bandwidth control per device - [is it possible?] need help

My main router is a tplink archer c7 and I will install the openwrt in its latest version, and I want to be able to control the independent bandwidth for each device (laptops, cell phones, smart tv, servers etc) by ip or mac or as you can even with specific rules for schedules for each device (of course if that can be done)

just in case i have 4 dumb-ap all openwrt y vengo de usar toda la vida ddwrt y ahora veo que opendwrt tiene muchas mas cosas y es mas estable...

With package nlbwmon ( on your main router you can monitor the bandwidth of all your devices.
It also has a luci interface,

About controlling the bandwidth I do not know, maybe some parental control functionality ? What do you need there ?
Setting thresholds per time, maximum allowed bandwidth, that kind of settings ?

for example I have 2 laptops that use a lot of video and I want more bandwidth to them, I have 3 cell phones that only use WhatsApp and Facebook should have less bandwidth, and another laptop uses games that should have the highest amount of bandwidth and be able to better manage the packages for each one ... in ddwrt I used QoS and it worked very well but the archer c7 is not very compatible with the ddwrt and I already liked the openwrt more

You can use luci-app-qos and define each device with how much upload download speed they are allowed to use.

to me this more looks like a case for smart queue management:

You can use luci-app-qos and define each device with how much upload download speed they are allowed to use. Blockquote

interesting friend I will look for it

to me this more looks like a case for smart queue management:
SQM (aka Smart Queue Management)

Mmm I'll study it to see if it's what I need ... will it be something like the QoS in ddwrt?
all these ... "plugins or add-ons" are installed in the System / Software part right?

friend but where can I find that 'plugin'?

do i have to install both? or just one? i am using the luci interface of openwrt

I tried to install it and I got this

I personally did not use any of them. See
They say sqm is kind of the successor of qos and far easier to configure. But I am afraid you have to try that on your own. But for sqm a lot of help is available here.

Have you done a "Update Lists" before ?

i´ve don it rigth now jeje ... its my first time using openwrt and installing stuff on it and for me all things They are incredible new and diferents whether bad or new I feel like a blind man walking for the first time on the beach

aaaa SQM is better than QoS ... for reason I have seen that they talk more about SQM than QoS ... ok I used QoS in DDwrt and I felt that it worked and of course now I am looking for that because it is the only thing I know but now I will look for SQM

do i have to install this both packages?


yes. But this is only to monitor bandwidth usage. You do not need them for sqm.

Just an info, which devices consum how much data...

Of course you can try it out and deinstall, if you do not need them...

So SQM will not do exactly what you want, look at luci-app-nft-qos for throttling individual machines. What SQM can offer is to fairly divide/share the available capacity between all concurrently active IP addresses/computers in your home network, that way no machine can hog all bandwidth and all machines should be able to make some progress (look here for how to set SQM up to deliver per-internal-IP-fairness). For many users/networks that seems already enough, but there are cases where this is not going to be sufficient. For those cases there are a number of threads here in the forum. That said, I would always recommend to start out with setting up SQM for internal-IP fairness first; if that is good enough you are done, and even if it is not enough, it probably is a better position to start your research from than no AQM/QoS at all.

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When using diffserv4 does cake do per internal ip first then split by tier, or is it each tier split by ip?

aaaa ok friend moeller0 now I understand a little more, if the SQM could work but ... I tell you what I had in my previous network with ddwrt to see if it can be done or improved with openwrt

in my main router I had the QoS and prioritized by ip or mac certain packets for example

The ip used more YouTube and that machine had more priority for% or for a specific minimum and maximum bandwidth of use for YouTube packages, web videos, rtms ...

and the ip was more for streaming and gave more priority to streaming packets in% or in minimum and maximum fixed bandwidth for example

and the ip did not use streaming or videos only for text study websites so the packages were example pdf, doc, web or others had more priority in these equal in% or by min-max width fixed band

So when pc xx1 was watching youtube videos it did not hoard so much resources for the streaming packages of pc xx2, and pc xx3 used the pages without lag or loading delays and the same in the other devices

Can something like that be done?

As far as I can tell luci-app-nft-qos should allow more or less exactly that. But I would recommend to anyways install and configure SQM for the internet access link. And if you do that you might want to test whether per-internal-IP fairness might not be good enough already. It will save you all the mainteanace of keeping the per-IP configurations up-to-date.