Band steering on Archer C7?

I have the Archer C7 v3 US version (basically the v2 with dual band external antennae). I was wondering if LEDE supported band steering, and if it could be configured from the web interface? I read somewhere that later versions of hospitals hand band steering support.

My use case is a fairly wide house with concrete walls, so ideally the router would force nearby devices to 5 GHz and allow the ones that are further away to drop back to 2.4 GHz. The devices seem to prefer to just stick to 2.4 GHz when left alone.

Thanks for the help.

For band steering to work, there should be one hostapd instance for both radios, as far as I understand. OpenWrt/LEDE uses a single hostapd per radio though.

Hostapd setting involved seems to be no_auth_if_seen_on=wlanX combined with track_sta_max_num.

@lukasubo hey, did you figure this out? Please let me know. thanks!

I am still trying to see if only one hostapd instance can control both radios.

Also very curious if anyone managed to get this working.

Looking for a solution as well, +1

Also looking for a solution! +2

EDIT: I fact I would like to do two things:

  • Have clients connect to 5G if the signal is strong enough but kick them if the signals is weak,
  • have clients connect to 2.4G if the signal is weak and kick them when the 5G signal improves...
  • ... ideally with fast roaming transistions.

Any ideas?