Banana PI R64 - Starting with OpenWrt at 1st time

good morning together,
I am relatively new here with the topic "OpenWRT" and would very much like to use my Banana PI R64 for my test - network at home /lab. I have also downloaded the latest available IMAGE (openwrt-mediatek-mt7622-bananapi_bpi-r64-sdcard) and installed it on an SD card.

As I can see it so far, the OpenWRT has pulled an IP - address over the WAN - port. But I can not access this via SSH. Is it possible that the IP address is used on the LAN ports?

On your homepage it is described that I should login via SSH to this IP address, but what is the password for ROOT?

How can I install the latest kernel on this device? What else do I need to consider? I would like it if the R64 would use the IMAGE from the SD card for startup I could use the eMMC for SWAP or TMP.

What about 2.4 and 5 GHz support? Can I manage that separately?

Whew, I hope that's not too many questions to start with, but I would like to do or make more here.
Best regards

Z. Matthias

These devboard-like systems are not necessarily the easiest ones to get started, as their flexibility does introduce some variances and expectations that the user can recover the device (if necessary) - on the plus side, the user has way more means to actually recover these (compared to more traditional routers) in case of problems. As I'm not familiar with this particular device, you may want to follow

It shouldn't, it's supposed to start a dhcpd server (unless there's already another one in your network) and should be hardcoded to come up with after the initial installation. DHCP-client would only be configured for the WAN interface, which should reject all incoming connection attempts. Are you sure that you have flashed an image from and not some OEM image based on a very different codebase (e.g. Mediatek's SDK, which is based on an older version of OpenWrt, but will differ quite significantly).

There is no root password by default, you should be able to access the device just with its username and no password (hit [enter]) - at least for OpenWrt, the OEM firmware would be another question (we can't answer).

The OpenWrt firmware image contains both userland and kernel, you can't update them separately. As this device only appears to be supported in master/ snapshots, the current kernel there would be v5.10 (with v5.15 optionally selectable at build time only for now).

You have 1 GB RAM, which is rather plenty for OpenWrt - don't needlessly wear down the eMMC of your device. A sdhc card or USB stick would be cheap and easy to replace, the eMMC less so - and swap is cruel to this kind of flash storage.

If you're running genuine OpenWrt, please follow the device page.
For other, Mediatek SDK based, firmwares you'd have to contact your software supplier or Sinovoip, we can't assist with those.