Banana pi R3 add NVMe SSD file system

I am compiling openwrt for a banana pi R3. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I would add a file system in the build for an installed 128 GB NVMe SSD? Maybe you could also suggest what kind of file system is appropriate? I have successfully built and tested without the SSD. I am very green at this, so any expounding on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

My use case is I want to quite a bit of local logging (hence the desire for the SSD drive).

My banana has Nvme 2GB. In menuconfig in block Devices I checked kmod-nvme, in kernel I checked everything in NVME Support in Device Drivers. I use BTRFS. EXT4 will also work.

Thanks so much for the info. Adding the mod-nvme was the trick so I could see the drive now. I am now trying to figure out how to partition and mount things. Maybe this is something I need to do after the image is built by command line? Or is there a way to include this while compiling the image? Thanks.

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