Banana Pi R2 Pro openwrt support status in 2022?


So the banana pi company or whatever they are have released a router-like board
And their own marketing is mentionning openwrt support BY NAME


And I'm wondering, what is the actual state of support for this board ?

Quick run down of this board

Rockchip RK3568 cpu, 2gb ram, 16gb nvram, dual gigabit NIC, one has a 4 port switch (vlan capable ? not sure)
It has an M.2 slot E keyed, 1x mini pcie, hdmi port, battery backed RTC, 2x MIPI DSI, 1x MIPI CSI, 2x USB3 + 1x USB3 OTG
H.265 + H.264 video encoder AND decoder (hmm that's crazy, I bet they're impossible to use though)
audio in and out, smart card reader (sim), microsd

It appears to come in two layouts

They cost between 100-130$ CAD with shipping to Canada

So what is the deal with these things ?

My primary concern, how much of these even has open source drivers ?
It's of course useless garbage if we can't update the kernel.
I highly suspect most of the hardware needs binary blobs and will quickly become ewaste but who knows !

They have the reputation of creating good boards with attractive specs, but in the end there is no support and you are left alone on a raft with all the problems that appear afterwards.
by the way, there is no official support from openwrt for the BPI R2, as the BPI-R3 will be released soon, and it will be in the same situation.

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A quick Google-search would indicate that most of the peripherals on the RK3568 work with mainline-kernel, but hardware-accelerated crypto is apparently missing, video-output and PCIe-support is wonky/broken and video-encode/-decode is basically nonexistent -- then again, that seems to be a common theme with basically all ARM SoCs.

99% of the time this is marketing speak translating to the vendor offering an OpenWrt image but no upstream OpenWrt support.


RK35XX is designed to be used in settop boxes for video playback, no hardware NAT included AFAK, so I think if you have one already you can try tinkering it with openwrt, otherwise it's not worth to buy as your main router.
That being said, I have one amlogic S905X3 box served as a secondary router running aria2 and docker images, which I think is a better application.

It took about two years for a OpenWrt version for the BPI-R2 ... and four years after the BPI-R2 release, the OpenWrt version for it works very well.

Thus, count on around two years for the first usable version of OpenWrt for the BPI-R2 Pro. In the meantime, there may be downloads available from the Banana Pie developers. However, any of these downloads will be very painful.

Openwrt trunk support bpi-r3 now..:slight_smile:


Working on support.

Currently working with networking on wan port.

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Just posted a pull request (#15162) to add support for this board. Subsequently, I noticed antnyfls has an earlier PR (#15137) to also add support.

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While I was working on my contribution for this device to the OpenWrt repo, antnyfls was also working on it independently. There work is better and farther along than mine; it will hopefully be integrated into the main openwrt tree soon.

You can their work at:

I put my test build from antnyfls' code for others here: