Banana Pi R2 OpenWrt and Keepalived

i have a question to OPENWRT 19.7.5 on Banana Pi

I compiled the firmware to my banana pi and wrote the firmware to eMMC.

Everything works well.

I'ld like to install keepalived on my Banana Pi for using VRRP

opkg install keepalived

I got an error message, that the package kmod-macvlan were found, but it is incompatible with the architecture.

i tried a force install with option "--force-depends" but same problem

Has anyone other also this problem? Thank you very much

Best regards

If you've compiled your own image, you should use self generated modules too.

Hi, OK thank you for your answer. I thought, i can use the build packages from OPENWRT site.

That was new for me :slight_smile: Now, i activated the modules in "make menuconfig". Are there all activated modules and packages in the images ?

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If you'd include all packages in the image, it'd be huge.

They're built on the side, just like in regular openwrt.

Hi, OK. Where can i setup, that my activated packages should to include in image ?
Is there any option in MAKEFILE or "MENUCONFIG" ?

Thanks and best regards

You can leave the image as it is, what you want is to build the package(s) you need on the side.

keepalived is selectable under Networking beneath all the sub menus when running make menuconfig.