Banana pi bpi-r4 Wi-Fi board

Hey friends
I recently purchased the WLE600VX ( card to connect it to my router (banana pi bpi-r4), and the router fails to recognize it. when I run the command lspci, the output is empty.
I tried to install the following packages also without success
ath10k-firmware-qca988x kmod-ath10k.
Has anyone managed to solve this case by any chance?

which slot at the back did you use?

The two MPCIe slots, once on the right and once on the left, and in both he did not recognize the card

did you try another card?

I don’t have another card

the two back pcie slots need an adapter to accommodate newer wifi modules

Who do it? sw4 switch?
I know that if I turn it on it transfers 12 volts to the PCI slots but my card supports 3.3 and I don't want to burn the card

What to look for there?

sorry, i have to admit that the "getting started on the banana pi wiki needs to be revised"

I wrote above that my wifi module works on 3.3v if I change the position to on I will burn the module

all in all your card is not detected. it is either changing some setting or wait for a newer openwrt snapshot