Banana Pi BPI-R3 and Quectel EP06-E 4G+ Module

I'm considering purchasing the Banana Pi BPI-R3 board to use it as an LTE router with the Quectel EP06-E 4G+ module. However, I've noticed in the board's specifications that it mentions "no actual PCIe signals on the mPCIe socket!" for the mPCIe slot.

Can someone clarify if this means the mPCIe slot is not functional for PCIe expansion cards like the Quectel module? I want to make sure that the board can support the LTE module before making a purchase decision.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This modem uses USB (2 and 3) signals on its mPCIe connector to communicate with the host system.
You should be able to use this combination, but in USB 2.0 mode only.

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