Banana PI BPI-R2 OpenWrt support status

BPI-R2 is a supported device under OpenWRT but I am unsure on how well it is supported or what is/is-not working.
CPU is an MediaTek MT7623N and WLAN module is MTK6625L

Mostly I want a device to replace my R7800. X86 are too expensive and the 90USD price tag of the BPI-R2 seems quite good for a 4 core ARM cpu with NAT offload and crypto offload.

Plus, it just seems begging to be modded, as it has two PCIe sockets for WLAN cards, SATA ports and a bunch of other interesting things.

So, my question is: what is the current support status for this device?

It depends on how you want to use it.

I read it in banana pi forum that there are 2 build

  1. Sinovoip version.
  2. Openwrt official.

Both have some issues as reported here.

So depending on your use case you can use any one of these.

well, I actually bought one. let's see how fast/good it is.

@blogic, when searching for the first commits that add support for the BPI-R2, your name appears on them.
Are you the maintainer of this board?

Right now, the built images are useless. They can't be used for anything. There is no way of flashing them on the device.
There has been some work by others trying to implement support for this board, but, unfortunately no effort has been made to push patches upstream. Please see here for some reasons:

As an end user I am quite sad with this situation. I purchased the board because I saw images being built for it on OpenWRT buildboot, just to find out it doesn't work at all. Worst, I see that there are some people spending time working on this hardware but unwilling to lose time with the main OpenWRT developers.

I hope you can do something about it. Either drop support for the board of be willing to accept some patches for review.