Baffled By initial VLAN creation

OPENWRT 23.05.0-rc3

I've been using this device for some time now without issue . I have 2 openwrt AP's so I wanted to experiment with creating a vlan for 'things' .
The openwrt install on the edgerouter X does not create any vlans at all so my first step was to create a 'primary' vlan with ID 1 .

Then I change the device for the interface

If I then save and apply it stares at me for a minute and a half and then allows me to revert which I do .

So it would seem I have a problem with the procedure to do this . All the wikis/videos on this subject seem to jump right into complex setups with multiple vlans etc.

Hi there, the issue is that before you commit this necessary change you also need to edit the device in the lan entry in the Interfaces tab to br-lan.1. Only if you edit these two in lockstep will an "save and apply" result in a working configuration. Otherwise the automatic revert will be activated, with the results you describe.

isnt that what the image of "interfaces -> lan" is showing ?

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Oops, sorry, yes it seems you already did that, I had not noticed these were two different screenshots.

Maybe try another VLAN-ID than 1, I seem to recall that for some switches VLAN 1 might be special... but I have no idea whether that is still true or ig that was ever true for the ER-X.

You need to add the asterisk (is primary vlan) in addtion to u to the port where you manage the router. It means that the untagged inbound fraffic is tagged to the vlan.

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Thanks for the info . I'm thinking the lack of the asterisk is whats doing me in . I will try again when I can schedule some downtime

That worked . Now I can proceed to the next step , turning on vlan 1 tags for the router and the 2 AP's

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