Bad performance on archer-c7 v5 since openwrt 19.07.x

i´ve recently upgraded my acher-c7 v5 from openwrt 18.06.8 to the new 19.07.4.
there was a huge drop in speed of the 5ghz wifi and ethernet to only 50mbit, where the old firmware delivers the full 100mbit of my internet connection.

its a almost stock configuraion, only luci-sqm was added later on.

downgrade to 19.07.3 does nothing, only revert to 18.06.8 brings back the full permformance.
the sqm script was set on both to 90mbit and delivers huge buffer bloat in 19.07.x where in 18.06 everything was fine.

is this a known issue or can someone help me with the configuration?


Try to switch to non ct drivers (please search on forum how to do it). This was discussed multiple times.

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