"Bad Gateway" after installing luci

Archer C7 v2. Installed the 17.01 rc build, then ran opkg update and opkg install luci. On Chrome, I just get sent to a page saying "Bad Gateway -- The process did not produce any response" when trying to access

Full disclosure: router was somewhat bricked beforehand. I had to go into failsafe mode and reinstall LEDE just to get to this point. Not sure if relevant or not.

hm, had the same issue yesterday, but thought it was because of my bad config.
With > /www/cgi-bin/luci via ssh I got some error messages that point me in the right direction.
(I think some lua dependencies were missing)

Okay... got it working but not sure how really.

I think I was actually still on my busted build and not the latest release candidate. I was trying to force sysupgrade as it wouldn't work under normal settings and I guess it never actually took even with the force. I ran 'cat /proc/cpuinfo', 'cat /tmp/sysinfo/board_name', and 'cat /tmp/sysinfo/model' to make sure it was listing my router correctly, and then to my surprise, luci started working after this. No idea why.

Upgraded to the RC via web interface and now everything is working fine again.