Backup/Restore inquiry (software)

Today I did a tabletop restore drill for my home network.

I noticed when I restored the openwrt config, I immediately backed myself into a corner because the configs were dependent on software that was not installed.

Is my only solution to create a custom image with these packages already installed(or just remember what packages to install first)? Is there a backup/restore option that first installs dependencies?

Yes. Especially if one of those packages is necessary to get working internet.


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The firmware selector and attended sysupgrade are invented to smoothen this, while they can't completely fix the issue (especially beyond major releases, where dependencies and default packages often change), they try to improve the experience (in my personal opinion too much, to the extent of becoming a more serious issue on their own, when it comes to necessary changes between major releases).

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So I would be OK to use the firmware selector and add my needed packages - and flashing that via attended sysupgrade? then it will be 'baked in' and good to go on any restore attempts?

should go smoothly I think...

If you've created a build through the firmware selector then you would flash it via the normal process. Attended sysupgrade let's you request and flash an image in a single process. Not sure if it retains the requested image anywhere though.

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Sorry, I was thinking of

System > Backup/flash firmware > Flash Image...

Not Attended sysupgrade.

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