Backup Pictures from Smartphone to mounted USB

Hi is there any solution to Backup Pictures from Smartphone to mounted USB on my openwrt router ? Or to Cloud.

Automatically when it connects to wifi would be great but not a must have. Needed apps?

Awaiting your answers ....


SMABA on the router and almost any back-up app on the phone that can write to a Windows shared drive.


I dont want start windows or any other Hardware to backup my pictures. My idea was to backup to my plugged in usb drive which is in my openwrt router.

You don't need to. What @eduperez was saying is that you need to install SAMBA on the router and have the disk as SAMBA share. Then on the phone, you have a backup software that can recognize the SAMBA share and does the backup.

That approach is a lot easier than having the router to initiate the backup.


Google Photos can sync with Google Drive automatically.
Then you can use Rclone to sync your cloud storage with local storage.