Backup OpenWrt Archer A7

Is it possible to backup my complete router and then use a TFTP server to restore it from my backup?

I want to experiment with several features that could potentially brick the device and I don’t want to have to install the factory firmware then OpenWrt and then the update which is what I do when I’ve bricked it in the past.

Thanks in advance!

Actually you don't need to backup anything because there is always way to restore from soft-brick using RS232 console and TFTP server.

Other way is Pepe2K U-Boot modification:

but it doesn't support Archer A7 yet.

So if it’s not available then I can’t use this method. Lol I’ll look into though sounds interesting.

It’s not only for unbricking I also just want to be able to set it up in a basic configuration and save that so I can experiment with all the settings and go back without having to start from scratch.