Backup of O2 6431 stock firmware


I want to install OpenWrt on my O2 6431 box and do a backup of the original stock firmware to be able to revert my decision. As far as I understood so far, this is only possible via a serial connection which needs opening the box and possibly soldering cables.

  1. Is this true?

I could live with the option of an updated boot manager, that cannot be reverted. On the brnboot screen I can choose, if I want to install "Firmware" or the "Boot Manager".
2. Is it possible to install u-boot only via option "Boot Manager" and
2.1. do a backup with the help of u-boot?

When I install OpenWrt via the option "Firmware"
3. will this overwrite the stock firmware or will it append "the files"
3.1. is it possible to have original stock firmware and OpenWrt in parallel?

Thank you in advance, Stephan

Technically, the serial port headers can be accessed via the air vents, if you use small conducting tubes.

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Hi slh,

thanks for the link and your advice. Seems to be really easy to set up a serial connection with an adapter. I'll go that path.

I had the idea to reset my box, do the backup and to upload the image. Would this be helpful for other users to avoid the backup step vial serial connection?

BR, Stephan

Going the long way and installing the spi-nor images makes sense (more flash at your disposal).