Backup internet connection

Right so bellow is my normal config on the network

Router (OpenWRT/AdGaurd)
AP (openWRT)
AP2 Open WRT)

So like this weekend the modem failed, So was using mobile has a hot spot

I then connected the AP2 to the mobile, and the AP2 can ping google etc.

If i want to still use the Router to be the DHCP server and Adgaurd, Cn i just change the Gateway to the AP2 and reset clients on network and theyll use that AP2 to access internet

Or is there additional settings/bridges that need to be configured either on router or AP2


make sure router points to AP2 as default GW for the clients, and for itself (<- would be required for Adguard).

Cheers, Thought that might be all it was, then just reboot all other APs on network and clients so they update to new settings.

Will give it a try tonight, hoping main modems replaced today

APs don't need the config, as they don't need to have internet access.
Technically they don't even need an IP, it's only there for the admins convenience.

But if you reboot the APs, all clients connected to them, wired, and wireless, will get the new DHCP settings once the connection is reestablished.

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tried changing the one in Interfaces ยป LAN but this didnt seem to work

Where is the other located please

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