Backing up list of auto-start services

Hi all,

This is probably more of a Linux question than an OpenWRT question. I have a couple of scripts in /etc/init.d that I use to control some QEMU VMs. They are persisted through OpenWRT upgrades as I include the scripts explicitly in the backup/restore file list. However after each upgrade what I do have to remember to do manually is call 'enable' on the scripts to make them auto-start on boot. i.e. /etc/init.d/reverse_proxy enable

I'd like to be able to eliminate this step by somehow backing up the list of things to auto-start. Where is this list maintained?

Also, when you pass the parameter option 'enable' to a script in the init.d directory, what does Linux do with this? I've looked inside various init.d scripts and there is no code to handle the 'enable' option so Linux must have some built-in functionality to auto-magically handle this. Just curious how this is done, if anyone knows.


Oh nevermind, on both counts.

I just noticed the scripts all import /etc/rc.common that handles the 'enable' option. Which answers my other question, which is that it adds a symlink to /etc/rc.d


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