Back up for wireless bridge


I have set up a wireless bridge according to the instructions found in

and connected some devices to the LAN ports.
From time to time, I have issues with the wifi connection between the bridge and the modem router, and I do not have internet connectivity available at the clients connected to the LAN ports of the OpenWRT wireless bridge.
If I cannot establish a proper wifi connection, as an emergency countermeasure, could I use an ethernet cable to the WAN port of the OpenWRT bridge to give internet access to the devices connected to its LAN ports? Or better to buy a switch (to be connected to the ethernet cable)?

Apologies if the question sounds stupid, my knowlege about networking and OpenWRT is very poor...

Thank you in advance

Either way you will need an ethernet cable. so simply test it. In some bridging modes the WAN port is disabled on the remote router (the one you set up to forward wifi to your main router) and will not allow you to send data via ethernet. The router connected to the internet (the main router) will accept data if data is being sent to its LAN ports. All you can do is test it and if it doesnt work just buy a switch and use that and plug your devices into the switch.
Troubleshooting the wifi would be best but in an emergency, yes a switch will do

It would be a good idea for us to understand more of your context and/or limitations.

For example, you mention that you could use an ethernet cable as an "emergency countermeasure" -- why not use it all the time? Is there a physical limitation here (for example, you would need to run a cable across the floor in such a way as it would be a trip hazard, etc.)?

When you have issues with the wifi connection between the bridge and the main modem/router device, do the devices that are directly connected to the main router via wifi still function normally?

What is necessary to restore normal functioning of the link? Restarting one device or the other? Something else?

In the emergency situation, where does the internet connection come from? Is it the main router (via ethernet) or some other connection?

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don't bother with a bridge over wifi then
just use a lan cable make the device a dump AP
it's will all run much faster with no dropouts and
still extend your range on both radios :slight_smile:

Thank you @Widget / @psherman / @Lucky1 for replying.

As suggested by @psherman I will provide some context :slight_smile:

That is the issue. It would be 25 m cable on the floor, across the rooms ... not really a good solution when family is around :slight_smile:

I have not really troubleshooted ... but basically when I see the connection issue at the device connected to the LAN ports of the OpenWRT wireless bridge, I reboot device + OpenWRT wireless bridge. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Which makes me wonder if the issues are the client connected to the LAN ports of the OpenWRT wireless bridge (and this lead me to ask if an ethernet cable could definetely make that clear). Until now, if I see that it does not work after trying a couple of reboot, well, I will retry the day after or so. As you can see, it is not something I use all the time / regularly.

Yes, main router (ISP modem router). Normally, it would a wifi link (which I was wondering if I could bypass by an ethernet cable)

I was wondering that, and it was the reason for my question

As @Widget suggested, I can have a try when nobody is around (looking at the timeplan, it could be in several days.... I will keep you posted)

Thank you