Back to stock firmware Omninas KD20

I install Lede on Shuttle Omninas KD20. Finally it works, but i want to back to stock firmware, how i can do that???
Someone to help???

Try using TFTP.

TFTP tutorials…

To use tftp is easy, but what to upload? On manufacutre site there is xxx.tar.gz file- who is encrypted. I decrpypted:
contain rdimg.gz, version, uImage, rootfs.ubi???

Hello, i have the same problem, my Shuttle is bricked after trying to Flash LEDE, but you got it working. Could you please share how you did get it to work ?

Thank you !

To get back to stock firmware, I suggest you read this : and this :

Same issue here. After loading openwrt-18.06.2-oxnas-ox820-shuttle-kd20-factory.tar.gz my Omninas KD20 is bricked. Can you Please share setup how to recover this device?