Back to original firmware TL-WR741ND v2

can help me solve some doubts to restore the original firmware of my tp-link I am running LEDE 17.01.5

according to what I understand about the wiki.

I must load the firmware in the / tmp folder of the router with some program via SCP like winSCP

then I connect via SSH for example with Putty and execute

cd / tmp to access the folder

in the wiki I see that they use for v4

mv wr741nv4_en_3_17_0_up_boot (140410) .bin tplink.bin

as I understand it is to rename the file if I'm not mistaken

then to install the firmware run

mtd -r write /tmp/tplink.bin firmware

Can I skip the rename part of the file?

and the commands to install the original firmware would be:

cd / tmp
mtd -r write /tmp/wr741nv1_en_3_12_4_up(100910).bin firmware

using the most updated version of the firmware provided by tp-link

According to note I should not cut part of the firmware as in version 4 in version 2?

i am going to suggest different way using tftp recovery flash, from my experiance, its quick and easy.