Back to Original Firmware from OpenWrt (TP-Link Archer C20 US V4)

Hi there
I have TP-Link Archer C20 (US) V4
Installed OpenWRT on it, but for some reason want to restore it to the original firmware
I used TFTP and rename original firmware to tp_recovery.bin then download it,after a couple minutes router restarted and all led's blinking!! I had to do it to revert to openwrt Router isn't bricked or damaged,it works fine !!!
How Can I do that without bricking my router?!!!
Thanks for your help

Can you clarify what you want to say with this?
Works fine and without bricking confuses me a little bit :roll_eyes:

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I doesn't understand either. I already used tftp to recover my Archer c60 and works fine, even bricked or for just revert to stock...

I want to revert to original firmware from openwrt That's it but when I do that via tftp my router's Led are blinking and lan seems not connected

Dear Colleague: I am stuck with a very similar situation, but only the PWR LED flashes. Attempting to reload the OpenWrt image also failed. Advice will be much appreciated.

Abe (2019-09-01 08:35)

Do you use Archer C20?!!

Yes, I have two Archer C20(US) AC750 V4 routers that were loaded with OpenWrt 18.06.2 sometime ago to study the OpenWrt. It helped my project tremendously. Now, I want to go back to the C20 factory firmware to study something in it which I was not aware of, originally. The restoration attempt led to the problem situation. So, I am wondering what is the proper procedure and how to recover if I did brick the first one.

Abe (2019-09-01 10:34)

Hi, David:

  1. By the way, may I ask what kind of project / task that you are working on? This is such a coincidence that both of us wanted to reload the factory image of the same product for some reason at the same time. There may be more correlations.

  2. I can tell you that I have been working on a rather intriguing topic that was so subtle that it stirred up quite a bit of "heated debate" on this Forum. So, I will not mention it, unless you ask for. (You can either search this Forum history by my handle, or send a private message directly to me to go deeper.)

Abe (2019-09-01 14:38)

I wanted to config wireguard on it
after desoldering flash chip and program,it doesn't work anymore router doesn't turn on

I have 2 Linksys E1200 V2 one for My office another for home
I installed DD-WRT On both then configured Wireguard and both work fine
I really hate this OpenWRT

See this

Hi, David:

  1. It looks that you are much more advanced than me. I would like to learn something from you.

  2. You seemed to say that you were able to restore the Archer C20 V4 back to OpenWrt firmware after the hiccup (all LEDs blinking)? If so, could you please elaborate your process (hardware setup, software tool and procedure) for me to replicate? I am quite nervous about getting my situation further worse.

Thanks a lot,

Abe (2019-09-04 09:30)

Fortunately, I solved the problem and had to revert to openwrt first of all desoldered flash chips again, then program it via programmer and it changed to the original firmware, but the device didn't have MAC Address on both 2.4 and 5Ghz wireless then had to revert it to openwrt but I'm looking for the right stripped firmware for my router actually US version !! but I suggest you don't upgrade router to openwrt !! it's really difficult to bring it back to stock firmware
I have an electronic degree, but not pro in programming on Linux and etc.
if you have whatsapp or telegram let me know by private message