B.A.T.M.A.N. on Archer c7

Hi. I have 3 TPLink Archer C7 with working batman mesh configuration. Their names are openwrt1, opernwrt2 and openwrt3. openwrt1 is the server gateway.

I have this throughput between routers:

From openwrt1
batctl throughputmeter openwrt2 122.90 Mbps
batctl throughputmeter openwrt3 8.72 Mbps

From openwrt2
batctl throughputmeter openwrt3 145.76 Mbps

They are connected via 5Ghz mesh with WPA3 encryption. Why connection between openwrt2 and openwrt3 is so fast and between openwrt1 and openwrt3 it is so bad?

The worst performance (if I add other mesh node), is propagated between mesh nodes.

Main config /etc/config/network


config interface 'bat0'
        option proto 'batadv'
        option routing_algo 'BATMAN_IV'
        option bridge_loop_avoidance '1'
        option gw_mode 'server' # on openwrt1
        #option gw_mode 'client' # on openwrt2 and on on openwrt3
        option hop_penalty '30'

config interface 'batmesh'
        option proto 'batadv_hardif'
        option master 'bat0'
        option mtu '1536'

From openwrt3

root@openwrt3:~# batctl tr openwrt1
traceroute to openwrt1 (xx:xx:xx:xx), 50 hops max, 20 byte packets
1: openwrt1 (xx:xx:xx:xx)  1.895 ms  2.121 ms  1.507 ms

Best way should be openwrt3 -> openwrt2 -> openwrt1