B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced Mesh on version 23.05

I am posting this for anyone who wants to set up a mesh using either the kmod-batman-adv or the luci-proto-batman-adv software package.

OneMarcFifty (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4A0kfg2olo)
and https://cgomesu.com/blog/Mesh-networking-openwrt-batman/
explain how to configure a B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced mesh for OpenWrt version 22 but I initially found it difficult to use these guides for the current version 23.05. Access points would disappear for random periods and they would eventually become impossible to access by IP address and could not be managed using Luci or ssh.

After a lot of trial and error, I now have a solid working mesh on 23.05.3 but there are a few important differences from the setup under 22.03:

  1. do not disable dnsmasq on any router but, on all routers except the DNS server, tick the DHCP Server -> Ignore interface option for each interface in Network->Interfaces (e.g. lan, Guest, IOT),

  2. set "Use default gateway" on the lan interface on 'dumb access points' (but not on other network interfaces such as Guest and IOT),

(points 1 and 2 make sure that dumb access points will always be available for Luci and ssh access and that they will also be able to access the internet so that NTP runs when they are rebooted)

  1. use BATMAN_V for the bat0 interface as it works fine and seems to be faster and easier to inspect with batctl than BATMAN_IV (this is set on the Mesh Routing tab, Routing Algorithm),

  2. don't try changing the MTU (any attempt to change it has always ended in a system reset for me and fragmentation doesn't seem to be an issue when I run "batctl s" to view statistics),

  3. the bat0 Gateway Mode (under the Mesh Routing tab in Luci) should be left unset for all routers including the internet gateway unless your network contains more than one internet gateway.

I use three Asus RT-AX53U and one Asus RT-AX54 in my mesh and with these changes to the installation, the mesh and its VLANs are 100% reliable for months without any reboots. And, for these router models, OpenWrt can easily be installed using mtd write (please see the OpenWrt documentation for these models).


Hi did u managed to create vlan if yes can you please share configuration?

Also are u able to see luci-proto-batman-adv package as it seems to have diappeared.