Aztech DSL7002GRV

I'd like to ask about the BCM6361 running Modem-Router combo unit DSL7002GRV.
Is this project able to support this model?
What is the development status(if any) of this model?
Would it be possible to have the WAN and LAN functionality working without the ADSL functionality?


There is no LEDE or OpenWrt firmware image available for this device.
Status: Someone has provided specs and bootlog, that's it.

I've managed to get access to the bootloader and console. I get a Board ID of 96362ADVN2xh. I see that there are other devices with the same Board ID, but one(the only?) model has text that says 'not supported'. What else would I need to definitely know that this model I am asking about is possible to support or is unsupported?