AzireVPN OpenWrt WireGuard Client

I'm running the AzireVPN WireGuard client on my OpenWrt 22.03.5 router (GL-B1300). I only turn on the VPN occasionally, but it would run fine until the recent server name changes. I used the OpenWrt WireGuard instructions from here to generate a new config.

When I contact the API to get connection details with the new server name, the new configuration does not include 'ipv6_pd_subnet' or 'ipv6_pd_netmask' -- they are null. Here is a sample of the command I used to get the config:

curl -d list=1 -d username=REPLACE --data-urlencode password=REPLACE --data-urlencode pubkey=REPLACE

In the past I used 'ipv6_pd_subnet' and 'ipv6_pd_netmask' to set the IPv6 ULA-Prefix in OpenWrt global network options. Is that no longer required? I don't seem to be getting an IPv6 address when I'm on AzireVPN now.

I contacted AzireVPN support. They have changed their servers and the IPv6 subnet prefix is no longer needed.

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