AX6000 fails after the last stage of sysupgrade

Can't get communication either LAN or WAN port, any ideas how to recover?

root@OpenWrt:~# sysupgrade -n /tmp/squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
verifying sysupgrade tar file integrity
Sun Mar 5 18:28:36 UTC 2023 upgrade: Commencing upgrade. Closing all shell sessions.
Command failed: Connection failed
root@OpenWrt:~# Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

I had the same problem, after installing initramfs and after upgrading to squashfs the machine got stuck on reboot, it looks like another person had the same problem, this one seems to be more recent.

I restored the machine through Xiaomi's official flashing tool.

After many attempts, I’m able to load the image to the RB06 using the terminal.
At the terminal prompt, which command to use to burn the kernel-firmware properly? Thanks

Is it related to the bug which was found?
I'm having hard time to recover, using UART seem to be the only way.