Ax53u the wifi led indicator parameter is missing

hello. in the Git, I raised the question about LED indicators, but the issue is not being resolved.

Did you read the replies?
Fix is already in the snapshots.

I wrote a post here before they answered there. The question is how to upgrade to a snapshot?

That is, I can just use this asus_rt-ax53u-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin in the update block?

after what time do commits get into the stable branch?

Like I've told you on github, you have to use firmware selector to add LuCI. Snapshots don't have LuCI.

Search for AX53U, choose SNAPSHOT version.

Hit Customize , append "luci" to the list of packages.

Click Request Build

Wait for the build to complete..

Download the Custom factory or sysupgrade image.

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we made a pr to solve this problem. When can the request be published?

Spamming the forum and github about those LEDs is not helping.
You have a solution, build snapshot images with LuCI, use that.

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I'm not spamming, but specifically asking questions. Snapshot to install, I do not have the ability to constantly debug the router. I need stable firmware now, not experimental.

then use the one supplied by Asus.

imagine that I was on asuswrt, but the stability is questionable. That's why I switched to openwrt to make it work better, except for one nuance.

1st world problem, imho, both leds and beta fw.