AX3600 use WAN Port to connect to main router (Using DHCP and IP Range of main router)

Hi all,

I've managed to install the lastest SNAPSHOT to m AX3600.
Everything is quite good so far but i did not yet found the matching manual to use the previous setup in the Original Firmware called "Wired Router".

What i want to achieve is to keep the Main router connected to the WAN Port.
Use the DHCP Server of the Main router (not the AX43600) to receive the IP Addresses for the devices connected by LAN and WLAN.

Main rooter 192.168.3.X, currently the AX3600 created addresses like 192.168.1.X (which I want to avaoid)

I found already some ideas like "Dump" Router but this requires to plug it into the LAN Port wich I would like to avoid.

My could this be done by

  1. Editing the Firewall Zone of WAN and WAN V6 and set it to Firewall zone LAN?
  2. Ignore interface for the DHCP Server for "Interfaces » lan" " br-lan"
  3. Set for Br-lan also a DHCP address?

I'm a bit confused with this WAN Port in the AX3600


Or simply add it to the Bridge and disable dhcp?

Just set it up as a dumb AP

For most routers you can add the WAN port to the bridge (or use the switch tab depending on version used)


Two things to mention to others who are new.

  1. The Feature revert settings if box interface is not opened within 90 secs. is very good if you cannot connect everything gets reverted.
    |-> Therefore change all and make sure to apply settings then in the end.

  2. Bridge in the WAN Port works for the AX3600.

  3. After doing this i needed to restart the Main router Fritz Box. (Don't know why exactly but i guess DNS rebind protection).


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