AX3600 two SSIDs on phy2 cause unavailability of all SSID on phy1 and phy2

Hi everyone,

I am a bit frustrated. My setup, based on an AX3600 has one network activated on all three phy-interfaces. Now I wanted to put the IoT devices in a guest network on phy2 (2.4Ghz, isolated clients) and discovered that this addition caused problems after some minutes of operation. The bitrate display in Luci goes to '?' and then both the guest and the regular network on phys2 are not operational any more. Then also the network on phy1 disappears. Only phy0 works as intended.
Any idea what could cause that? I am on OpenWRT 25.05.3.


Try disabling WPA3 on if you're using it.
I've seen old devices causing strange anomalies when enabled on that specific interfaces. I've got an old Android phone that goes nuts it I enable management frame protection.

Anyway I've got an AX3600 runing latest stable /w 3 APs running on seperate 2GHz/5GHz chips bridged to seperate networks. No such issues. Try resetting and reconfigure again by hand... I'm thinking a configuration issue somewhere?

In my tests everything works fine except high ram ussage but that I think is fixed in the next kernel release. I also don't understand why USB support and driver is compiled into the default kernel tho'... The device doesn't have any USB ports. It just seems like a waste of space and kernel memory...

Hi assassin,
thanks for the hints. I already tried the reset, but it did not word, so I was rather pessimistic on your advice regarding WPA3. But what shall I say, it worked! It seems I only had to do it on every single radio. Now it works smoothly again.
Thanks a lot!!!


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