AX3600 Radio power problem

I have a Xiaomi AX3600, I flashed OpenWrt on it with 20230603 then 20230604 SNAPSHOTS versions, and then 23.05.0-rc1 version.
With these 3 versions I have a radio power problem.
If no mistake QCA9887 is only one antenna, I have no radio problem with this one but only one antenna...
With IPQ8074 802.11ac/ax/n and IPQ8074 802.11ax/b/g/n my radio power is very low. My computer is only some cm from AX3600 but I have low power radio as you can see on this picture (OpenWrt is for QCA9887, OpenWrt2 for IPQ8074 802.11ac/ax/n, OpenWrt3 for IPQ8074 802.11ax/b/g/n ) :
If you have any idea...
(sorry for my English...)

I have the exact same problem. Did someone else stumble upon this?

When you connect with some of this radios the signal goes better? I've this router and no problem at all with the signal.
Connect with some of this radios, and look at the signal values in the status page of OpenWrt.