AX3000T revert to stock firmware

Hi all.
I want to revert to stock firmware and I can't find any information how to do this. Just this:

I already installed this facinstall tool from command line but I don't know what to do after that.
What is this "LuCI flash stock image"? How can I use it?
Thanks in advance!


Which uboot are you using?

Hey! Thanks for the fast reply.

I followed this tutorial and I installed OpenWRT U-Boot. OpenWRT is too complex for my parents and I need to go back to stock firmware.

Revert to stock is mentioned on the same page, specifically the instructions under the headings "Go Back to stock from Openwrt U-Boot" and "Go Back to stock from default layout Openwrt". Granted, that page could do with a little cleanup.

You will require your backups for this. (If you don't have your BL2 backup as the instructions mentioned, you may run into issues unless someone else is kind enough to send theirs)

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Understod. But I will "inherit" any kind of information from this BL2 backup (like MAC addresses) or my router will use its own?

The short story would be:

  • reverting back from OpenWrt u-boot to fully OEM is complex
  • if you do, you really, really, really want your own backups
  • if you haven't taken a backup from your device, you're effectively out of luck
  • given the pricing of this device, it might be more sensible to cut your losses and stick to OpenWrt (or sell it as-is, to recoup part of your loss)

As you already noticed, there are things like MAC addresses, serial numbers, WDS pins, wifi calibration and NAND wear-leveling and ECC data at stake. Yes, transplanting someone else's backups (if you can attain it) might get the device 'work' with the OEM firmware again, but only as a shadow of itself.

If you have backups of your device, the procedure is still risky and more complex than installing OpenWrt has been.


I could be wrong but I thought that information were not cloned. I made a backup from another AX3000T, flashed using the official tutorial and check this:


I reseted the clone and all own settings were keept, they were not transplanted. Updated to 10.0.64 version. Now both are working on a mesh network but the MACs are not the same at arp -a command.
And now everything is working smoothly. :melting_face:
Thank you guys!

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