AX router with AP & Band-steering

Hi folks,

I'm looking for three routers (one on each floor) which support wifi6 as well as Band- and AP-steering.
Band- and AP-Steering is needed because I have several devices which switch the AP several times without any need. This causes connection losses and low wifi speed. All three routers will be connected by lan so a dedicated wifi upstream isn't needed.

The devices should have good chances to get OpenWRT support. OpenWRT isn't needed out of the box but should be available within the next year. Many manufacturers quit support within 1 or 2 years after release so it would be nice to receive futher (security) updates through OpenWRT.

After careful reading several threads on this board I would tend to a cheaper Xiaomi AX3600 (cause of the size of the community) or a more expensive Dynalink AX3600 (cause of 2,5 Gbit Lan and 1GB Ram).

Do you have any recommendations?

Currently supported AX devices:

The WAX202 is supported too (check github commit), and the WAX206 could be as well, it's using the same chipset as the E8450/RT3200.