AW7916 WiFi 6E Help


I've recently put together a box to be an all-in-one router sort of deal so that I can have greater control over my network. However, there seem to be a couple of issues with the hardware that I selected in that it doesn't seem to want to be detected by the OS. The Ultimate goal of this build is to create an exceptionally powerful all-in-one router combo system.

Base System Specs:
Core- i7 7700K
SSD- 256GB M.2
Built-in Intel 1Gbit and 10gbit Ethernet via Intel Networking Chipsets.

Add on cards:
2x Silicom PEG6 with Broadcom Chipset (6 port gigabit ethernet port adapter card)
2x Asia RF AW7916 Wifi 6E mini-PCIE with adapter cards

I've read on a forum post that you can use these WiFi cards with snapshot builds of OpenWRT, and that's what I did. I downloaded the Tue Jan 17 01:08:57 2023 build. After installing LuCI via the command line, I have struggled to get the system up and running with the WiFi Cards.

The Wifi Cards are simply not detected, and I know that it's likely that the cards needed to be added to the iwinfo manifest. I'm aware that the AW7916 does use the same driver as the AW7915, so this fix would be minor. but I'm unfamiliar with OpenWRT's text editing system so I can't seem to figure out what or how I need to add it. There's also a patch apparently for the 5GHz which I may have to implement.

Just to verify, I did attempt this in Windows and the card showed up as an unknown network device, so I'm certain they are working and, at worst, getting power.

Thank you for your time

vi or you can install some other from opkg

Nothing in dmesg or lspci ?


I apologize for the delay but do you know how long it took me to play "find the working WAN/LAN port to download things" when you have 14 ports? Pain.

Anywho. I tried installing lspci but opkg couldn't seem to find it. As for dmesg it's scrolling too fast for me to read it but I do see blocks for PCI drivers, though I cannot tell if they're related to the drivers in question.

Package is called pciutils

Which client are you using that doesn't have scrollback or search?

the screen ? :wink:

Good point, then screen should not be used.

Pipe dmesg to more for reading on the console.


Thanks for the instructions. I managed to see that, yes there is a MedaTEK device 7906 device installed in my system.

Hope this helps.

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