Avoid double NATing

Dear @All,

I have a network managed by a Mikrotik router and an OpenWRT AP in it. AP acquires its IP by statically binding DHCP, i.e. OpenWRT AP's settings are default, WAN-LAN, and double NAT, so WiFi clients get IPs from the range

I'd like to avoid the LAN zone in OpenWRT, so my WiFi clients get DHCP offers from the Mikrotik router ( directly. I tried to associate the WiFi interface in OpenWRT with the WAN zone, but the client does not get a DHCP offer at all.

Since this is pretty much a simple requirement, is there any guide I can follow to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

Check the dumb-AP documentation in the wiki.

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Many thanks. It is actually very simple if you connect the uplink to the LAN interface :slight_smile:

hope you still followed the wiki, keeping the DHCP running on the AP, could lead to serious network issues...

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Of course @frollic! I've already experienced such issues in the past with colleagues experimenting with their own DHCP server :slight_smile:

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