AVM Fritzbox 7530 CA vs 7530

Hi, does someone know the difference between Model 7530 and 7530 CA?
Is 7530 CA compatible to the Firmware of 7530?
Thanks in advance

Where does the name 7530 CA come from? Duckduckgo only finds this thread.

There is no "Fritz!Box 7530 CA" as a model designation, I assume you're deducting this from the default ESSID (or similar)? A while ago AVM has started to add a two-letter suffix (probably derived from its unique MAC address) to their default ESSIDs, to make it easier to identify your own network/ box in a crowded environment (of users who didn't change the default ESSID; in Germany it is not uncommon to find a dozen "Fritz!Box 7490 XX" in your wireless scans...).

For the avoidance of doubt, the known variations of the Fritz@Box 7530 range are:

  • 7520 (1&1 ISP branded, some artificially reduced specs in the OEM firmware)
  • 7530
  • 7530B (Broadcom based, unusable)
  • 7530 AX (Broadcom based, unusable)
    why they thave re-used "7530" for their 802.11ax model probably remains a mystery...

Well, the name is labeled at the rear of the Router and it is on the type plate. I did not expect, that this could be a ESSID.

Out of curiosity, could you take a photograph and post it here, please?

See e.g.

or just to give some random examples out of my environment (you see the old firmware (no markers) on the ancient 7272 and the newer ones with the marker on the 7560/ 7590):

root@ax3600:~# iwinfo radio2 scan | grep -i fritz
          ESSID: "FRITZ!Box 7272"
          ESSID: "FRITZ!Box 7560 LD"
          ESSID: "FRITZ!Box 7560 LD"
          ESSID: "FRITZ!Box 7590 QG"
          ESSID: "FRITZ!Box 7590 HL"

…it's really just a distinguishing marker to help owners finding their Fritz!Box in an ocean of similar devices.

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It reads "WLAN-Funknetz (SSID)" above the "FRITZ!Box 7530 XS" label (albeit a bit small). The article number on the bottom right corner should give a clear indication which device it is.

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Thanks for clarification. Sorry for the silly question.

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