AVM Fritz Repeater 1200 reinstall original AVM Firmware

after having sucessfully installed OpenWrt on an AVM Fritz Repeater and some playing around I want to reinstall the AVM firmware again.
Any hints how to do this?

Thank you very much in advance!

You need the AVM recovery from AVM, the process is described here:
Fritz!Box Unbrick (trigus-su.blogspot.com)
I recommend to use a switch to connect the repeater and your PC/Notebook via LAN and not use a direct connection.

Thank you for this link.
I just tried to use the AVM Recover tool but I failed (I used a switch ...).
I think this tool can't do its job, because it seems to connect only to but after installing OpenWrt, the bootloader listens to
Any ideas concerning this thoughts?

Try assigning to your computer.

the bootloader should still listen on, only after openwrt starts up the repeater will use the configured openwrt ip. So set your IP as @jgarbe said, and be sure to use a switch between your devices, because usually the LAN adapter is too slow to detect the link at reboot of the repeater, so you cant connect to the boot loader fast enough. I did this process a few times with some Fritz!boxes, it should work with your device, too.

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Yes, you were right: the bootloader listens on
I am also using the trick with a switch instead of a direct connection an actually I just successfully connected to the bootloader using FTP.
But I tried several times the AVM Recoverytool (which I used successfully some times to restore Fritz!Boxes after having tested "Labor"-Versions) and didn't succeed: the repeater is not found by the tool...

I just tried Method 2 using FTP but changing linux_fs_start doesn't change anything...

Finally, I solved it to go back to the original AVM Firmware.
The solution was to use the AVM recovery software on an older Notebook with a direct connected NIC (not a NIC connected via USB as in my unsuccessful trials).
Thank you all for helping!

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