AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 support/working image

Hi all,
I recently found my old Fritz!Box 7170 in a dusty corner of my flat. I'm wondering if I can get some help to get LEDE up and running on this router.

I've set up a github to collect all information to set it up. So far there are some very old, but working OpenWRT images on their wiki. As well as old installation guides and patches.

The images for ar7 with kernel 4.9 build fine in a virtual build environment. Unfortunately the EVA image isn't running with the Fritz!Box. Maybe someone else had better luck after all or got some tips.

Anyway, since this old router was at his time quite popular in Germany, maybe there are some more of you interested in getting this device up and running with latest LEDE.

I have tons of 7170 boxes and I'm very interested in this too.
Did you manage to get it working?

Please add any relevant findings to the devicepage https://openwrt.org/toh/avm/fritz.box.wlan.7170



just recently re-activated two old AVM FritzBox 7170, they got 8MBytes of FLASH ROM!

So would be perfect for OpenWRT (4MBytes is too small by now as the kernel is growing and growing X-D)

got Freetz Images to work... a long time ago...


Freetz is a firmware EXTENSION and modification for Fritz!Box routers and compatible devices. The original firmware of the manufacturer is expanded with additional functions and supplemented with an individual compilation of programs. More about the name "Freetz" and the history see FAQ.
Freetz is free software and is developed by Oliver Metz, Alexander Kriegisch and Team.

auto translated from https://freetz.github.io/

so what it does: it just installs more stuff next to the (outdated) AVM Firmware.

but did not try OpenWRT native (yet)

try this out: https://web.archive.org/web/20120426194644/http://deve.loping.net/files/FRITZ-WRT-HOWTO.html.en

since the 7170 and 7270 boxes are very solid robust hardware without firmware updates form vendor and also do not speak latest DSL protocols, so tons of those boxes went into recycling... what a shame.

would be great to have latest OpenWRT running on them :slight_smile: