AVM Fritz!Box 5590

Any word on MaxLinear Falcon support in the kernel? Namely here

Maybe @hauke has a clearer picture.

I'm not sure if you already know it, but I just want to mention that the linked page is a bit misleading, because the MaxLinear Falcon SoC is only used as a fiber modem in this device. Everything else is handled by an IPQ8074A, which is not listed on that page at all.

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Ah good. Thanks. Do you have a source @janh ?

I could not easily find any sources which described what's under the hood. Although the fibre port is an important piece of the puzzle...

BoxMatrix is generally a good source for Fritzbox hardware information. It is not perfect though, because the pictures show it actually contains an IPQ8072A, and not an IPQ8074A like is listed in the table (and as I incorrectly wrote in my first message as a result).

AVM also provides open source archives (separate ones for each SoC). From the device trees, it is pretty clear that the Falcon SoC is only there to handle the fiber port.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the xPON drivers are included in these archives.

It's relatively safe to assume that neither the phone features (DECT, FXS), nor the fibre 'modem' are 'ever' going to be supportable, the SOC itself and its wireless should be possible though.

So it looks like (general) the Falcon CPU stuff is working. This device seems to run kernel 4.9 - which is what the WAV300 devices that got a source release use.

Evidently it's still attractive price-wise to buy a stack of these older chips and release a working product.

True. I keep fancying having a go at the DECT stuff - but that does not look hopeful regarding the older sources that are available.

The modem isn't really a modem. It's a PON. It's not simply an SFP, since a PON has to handle the ATM layer also. SFP would have been great (and easy). But with a 2.5G PHY, one could get by. It's definitely a new logic block which I don't think openwrt deals with today.

@broly what was the net result of your efforts on the InterAptiv stuff?

Can i be helpful if i have 5590 in my home running nice and easy.