AVM Fritz 7360v2 modem error

I bought the titled router on the principal that it was supported in the current version (21.02) and that the only thing that want functional was the DECT.

Am I missing something because I installed the current version from releases and the DSL modem (in interfaces) comes back with an error.

Could use some feedback on this one

Note: I ftp'd the firmware using a Linux environment (Deb) in Windows (twice), only because I'm more familiar with Deb through Raspbian, if it's possible it's an issue particular to Deb I'll try another platform.

The "Error: Network device is not present" is to be expected if the WAN interface is not correctly configured and there is no DSL line sync.

Please provide information about your ISP broadband connection and someone may be able to help. eg. ADSL, VDSL, dhcp, PPPoE, vlan tag etc?

This guide was written for a different modem-router. Section 9.1 may be relevant if your ISP uses PPPoE on VDSL2.
See section 7.32 for same error you reported.


Post the contents of /etc/config/network. omitting username and password, if you still have problems. (Format text using </> button)

hi there, I think I understand now - per your explanation - that it's kinda a quirk of the system that in essence it's hiding the 'interface' until the DSL connects (using the settings in the DSL/ATM tabs).

I found the (very basic ~ VPI/VCI numbers, encapsulation mode) configuration on their website, the modem connected/synced I think it settled on an annex B connection - I have very limited time to take the connection down to test it.

The next hurdle is to figure out which protocol they use. the only information they give about using third-party modems is that it it requires dynamic WAN. this suggests that it's simply DHCP.

I suppose that although Italian ISPs are legally required to allow you to connect to the service with third-party hardware, they're not legally required to make it easy.

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