AVM FB7360SL - 19.07.3 SIP on FXS

Hi everyone,

I have just been getting used to OpenWrt (19.07.3) on my almost ancient AVM Fritz!Box 7360. So far I am super happy with it, VDSL also works like a charm with the most recent blob from the 7490 AVM firmware.
However, now I am struggling with SIP using the the FXS port. I am really looking at setting up a basic setup, I tried to follow the Lantiq Asterisk guide (adapted to Asterisk 16), however I can't make it work.

I checked the log and I got the following recurring errors:

[   45.333311] IFX_MPS: CPU1 base address is invalid!
[   45.336857] IFX_MPS: firmware download error (-1)!

I assume it is because of the different bootargs, my setup is missing the following:

115200 mem=126M vpe1_load_addr=0x87e00000 vpe1_mem=2M maxvpes=1 maxtcs=1 nosmp

Either way, is there a way of resolving this without building an image from source? Also, my understanding is that I lose 50% of the processing power as one core will be reserved for the VoIP component?
I am fine with any alternative solution, ideally minimizing the performance and memory footprint.

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

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Hello, have you figured it out somehow? I'm experiencing the same problem right now.