AVM 7412 DSL Port as second LAN

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to use the DSL/WAN Port on the fritzbox 7412 as additional lan port?

I would like to repurpose it as a additional wifi access point with two lan ports, one as source to the main router with dhcp server and internet and second lan port to daisychain another accesspoint..

Running another long LAN cable is expensive and needs more/bigger holes in the concrete of the walls...

Thank you for any support or infos if that is possible!

Best regards,

Moritz Müller

assuming the WAN port can be used as an ethernet port, simply move it from the wan to the lan firewall zone.

No. According to the specs, despite the RJ45 connector, this is a DSL port and it can only be connected to telephone lines.

Buy a cheap 4-port unmanaged switch or use an Ethernet splitter.



Keep in mind that the DSL port can not speak ethernet, so you need to pair it with a DSLAM on the other side... OpenWrt has no issues of using ports in arbitrary bridges, so bridging the dsl port with another ethernet port is just fine, but without a matching dslam on the other side that will not help much.... I assume the 7412 does not have 2 wan ports....