Avahi only does IPv4 on 1 interface, IPv6 on all

Hi all,

I have multiple subnets to separate e.g. a guest network from the rest. This is done via VLANs. This all works fine. What I had working was via avahi to share my airprint print service (running on a RPi) to the guest network. However this stopped working at one point or another, i am not exactly sure when, probably upgrading to 22.03. I still see the printer but when trying to print it just fails, says it is offline.

If i run avahi-browse on the router I see services advertised for IPv6 from devices on all interfaces, but for IPv4 only from the guest interface. I guess the ipad is trying to connect via IPv6 but that somehow fails.

IIs this a known bug for avahi, that it only works on IPv4 on 1 interface? Is mDNS package better?

Thank you,