Autowrt: A handsfree installation method on xiaomi routers

Hello OpenWRT community,

I did not enjoy clicking around in the chinese webinterfaces of the 3Gv1, 4A, 4AC and AC2100 so I wrote a python program based on OpenWRTInvasion that can fully automate OpenWRT installation. It's also supposed to make it hard to flash wrong images. It is only yet tested on the 4A and 4AC because I don't have the others here at the moment but supporting them should be easy. I'd love to get some feedback here in the forums. For specific bug reports and features requests, you're also very welcome to open a bug ticket (or make a pull request) on github. The code is a mess at this point but if the tool proves useful, I want to refactor it and add support for more routers.

The repository also contains a small unbrick tool for linux (written in bash, using dnsmasq).