Automating backups (local to router)

I've mounted a USB drive at /mnt/nlbwdb/

I'd like to automake system backups but keep 5 and delete the rest:

I tried:
# /sbin/sysupgrade --create-backup '/mnt/nlbwdb/system-config-backups/uname -n-date +%Y-%m-%d.tar.gz'
but that didn't run the uname and date commands.
I just got a file called uname -n-date +%Y-%m-%d.tar.gz

Assuming I can fix that I don't know how to delete old backups.
Maybe the find command?

Assuming what you actually meant to type is:

(aside: use the "preformatted text" option in the editor (the icon that looks like </>) to format code)

This doesn't work because single-quotes disable variable interpolation. Use double-quotes if you need variable interpolation to work. Example:

/sbin/sysupgrade --create-backup "/mnt/nlbwdb/system-config-backups/$(uname -n)-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz"

Also note the use of the newer, easier-to-read, and POSIX-compatible $() syntax instead of backticks for command substitutions.

It should be in /mnt/nlbwdb/system-config-backups, no? I re-read this again and realized what you're really asking is "how can I keep only the newest 5 backups and delete everything else". This sounds like it would be better handled with real backup utility like duplicity, but I presume you want a solution that uses only default tools. You might try the solutions to this question, which seems to be completely analogous to your situation.


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