Automatically register client hostnames in DNS?

Hey gang,

Apologies as my terminology is probably off, but I'm wondering if it's possible to configure dnsmasq to dynamically accept client hostnames in DHCP requests and register them with DNS? The purpose is to avoid manually setting up a static lease for each device, and just use the client's requested hostname (e.g. "dell-laptop"), tack on the local domain (e.g. "dell-laptop.lan") and register it with DNS to allow other local clients to resolve each other using their preferred hostnames.

My experience with OpenWRT (and networking in general) is limited and I don't see any way to enable this behavior via LUCI or any references to it in the documentation.

Much Appreciated!

This should work of the box with the default settings for a single lan environment


It does by default, as long as the hostname doesn't clash with static (or previous dynamic) reservations and as long as state is preserved (router not rebooted). These remain dynamic DHCP leases though, they're not committed to the permanent configuration (unless you configure a static lease).

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