Automatically Reconnecting WiFi

I'm using openWrt as a wifi router that connects upstream to the hotspot on my Android 11
phone. The router works brilliantly accept that it fails to reconnect if the phone hotspot is
turned off for a while and then re-enabled. I understand that that Android 11 randomises it's hotspot ip address each time the hotspot is enabled, should openWrt be able to handle this?

I'm using the hostapd-common and wpad-basic packages on openWrt 19.07. Do I need to install additional packages to manage the reconnect or maybe one of the alternative wpad-xxx packages?

Any help or hints as to how to bottom this out would be most welcome.

Cheers, Steve

Pretty sure the phone doesn't randomize its IP, but the assignment of IPs to clients is.

But even if it does, it shouldn't be an issue, since you get the IP including the correct GW and DNSes from the DHCP once you're connected.

Thanks for to quick reply. I found this Reddit post Hotspot IP no longer on DP4 when googling the problem.

The ip address of the hotspot on my android 11 phone is currently I haven't kept a log of the address but I will over the next few days.


I think your looking at it from the wrong angle.

The IP change shouldn't be an issue in itself, since openwrt should detect the wifi going down, and when coming back getting a new IP and gw.

Only reason why it wouldn't, would be when wifi hotspot stays active, but internet link goes down. That scenario wouldn't trigger a DHCP renewal, since the link is, technically, still up.

Yeah, that sure looks random ,)