Automatically create links to Flyspray bugs in discourse

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After reading the thread above, I discovered onebox for discorse.

I know I can easily create a link to a flyspray bug in discourse but I'm wondering if there is support in onebox (or another plugin) for flyspray?

As you can see here

Oneboxing isn't implemented for those links (if it was, you would see a onebox instead of the pure link).

Thank you for the reply.

I did try - I was hoping it could be easily implemented as sometimes its nice to get a summary of the bug before following a link.

I have no clue what effort is needed to get oneboxing for flyspray implemented.
You could ask at about it (I would do it myself, but I'm busy right now with other stuff...)

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I understand.

If there is interest as well as someone is willing and available, there are instructions to add a new URL here:

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Maybe @thess can take a look?

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