Automatically create links to Flyspray bugs (and other items)

In the wiki, it would be nice to automatically turn text like "FS#2222" into a link to

It could also be useful for other types of link: git commit, bug reports on github, etc. But it's harder because there is no simple way to know what the reference is about (e.g. "#4242" for a github ticket or PR: for which project? LuCI, package feed?)

For git commits, it could be safe to assume that linking to (like would work: the site looks for the commit hash in all known projects.

For links to github, we could introduce a new notation like "luci#4242", but it doesn't seem like it would be used a lot if nobody knows about it.

Please check if this goes in the right direction:

The interwiki links [[git> ...]] and [[bugs>...]] exist since a while, but are not widely used. Example usage:

With a little work, we can achieve the function you are thinking of.

Update: I added an interwiki link for commits, see playground.

Cool: Pasting a link to a flyspray issue into the wiki now automatically converts it to an interwiki link.

Try it out:

Nice! :slight_smile:

EDIT: One caveat though:

If you link to a flyspray issue which you have found via the search function, the automatically created interwiki link may come out unwieldy wide, like so:


This can safely be shortened to [[flyspray>2153]]

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Nice! This javascript magic when copying links is surprising but interesting.

Is it possible to customize how a simple [[flyspray>3033]] displays? Currently it only shows "3033" as text.

I was looking for that too, but this plugin doesn't seem to be customizable off the shelf.

You could modify the plugin in this way, but of course, this would take some effort. :-/

Current solution: Modify manually what you get by the automatic conversion, i.e.

[[flyspray>3033]] -> [[flyspray>3033|FS#3033]]

Ok, thanks.

I asked the creators of the interwiki links plugin if they could modify the plugin so it automatically creates links like [[flyspray>3033|FS#3033]] (without manually adding |#FS...).

Seems to be not that easy, requiring several hours of work for a rate of friendly 110,-€ per hour. Wow.

If we had someone knowledgeable in php in the forum, maybe we could do it ourselves for far less than that.

One more idea: The interwiki icon is customizable:

-> You could create a new 16x16 icon for FS, place it in the correct location, and it will be shown like e.g. the wikipedia icon when using [[wp>....]].
This will still show only "3033" as text, but the icon should give a hint what's behind.

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