Automatic WoL my NAS

I have LEDE router, and qnap NAS (TS 451+)

I want make my LEDE to automatic wake (wol) my NAS on demand.

my LEDE ip address
my NAS ip address (unlimited / fixed ip)

for example if request services (sftp, ftp, http, https, smb, ping) from any 192.168.3.x my LEDE should wake my NAS then forward the request

Is it possible?

Requests from your computer to your NAS only pass the routers switch, not the routers kernel. So I guess adding a WOL feature for your NAS to your router is not possible.

Unless, of course, you put your NAS into a separat subnet and make your router actually route to that. But since that adds load to your router and results in cutting the bandwidth of your NAS to only a tiny fraction of the current value, I guess that's not an option.

ok, thank for information.